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Our team acted as an R&D game development team for an augmented reality gaming and experience company, known as Yumebau.

The objective of this project was to explore and prototype different augmented reality game concepts revolving around creative construction (like LEGO) leveraging Yumebau’s internal demos and their AR application platform.




Client SDK (Unity-based), Notion, Blender, Figma, Adobe Suite


Three fully-functional AR prototypes with high fidelity, 3D art and level progression. Seven game concepts and pitch documents


Three months

01. Calisto

Calisto is a perspective-based AR puzzle game that challenges players to rely on movement in real life and their character's movement in-game to progress.

Calisto, a lonely space surveyor bot, explores an ancient relic in the depths of a forgotten solar system. With each layer Calisto explores, the world changes aesthetically and functionally. Help guide Calisto through obstacles and learn the history of this fallen civilization.

02. Jensen,
Space Revenger

Jensen Space Revenger (JSR) is a mobile precision-based AR launcher game that encourages players to discover creative paths towards destruction.

Jensen Space Revenger is a concept spawned from a Danish children’s game named 1-2-3 Hat. The goal of JSR is to destroy the planets of the universe and exact Jensen’s revenge by bouncing your bomb from platforms, which you as the player move and set.


Launch a bomb, bounce from platforms, and destroy the universe. Very Danish.

03. Space Demolitionist

Space Demolitionist is a mobile AR tower destruction game where players aim to destroy a designated structure using an array of weapons in as few attacks as possible. 

There are malicious alien cows surrounding a structure you’ve been contracted to destroy. In Space Demolitionist, players must find ways to knock down the targeted structure using an array of weapons and explosives. Hitting the alien cows along the way is obviously extra points.


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