Producer // Project Manager



Project Description

Our team acted as an R&D game development crew for an augmented reality gaming and experience company, known as Yumebau.

The objective of this project was to explore and prototype different augmented reality game concepts revolving around creative construction (like LEGO) leveraging Yumebau’s internal demos and their AR application platform.

  • Project Manager

  • Game Designer

  • Three fully-functional AR prototypes with hi-fi 3D art and level progression 

  • Seven game concepts with their design documents and pitch decks​

  • Extensive technical documentation and process mapping for future creators on the Yumebau platform

  • Three months

  • Client SDK (Unity-based)

  • C#

  • xLua

  • Notion

  • Blender

  • Figma

  • Adobe Suite

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 2.49.27 PM.png


Over three months, our team developed three AR game prototypes with Yumebau's SDK on their YumeGo platform. 

My role was creating and monitoring our production pipeline while interfacing and pitching aspects of the project to our client. I also created and managed our budget for the project, making estimations with the design and development teams.