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Producer // Project Manager


Travel Ontario // Spas

Project Description

In partnership with Travel Ontario, our team produced a commercial over three months of development across four locations. The commercial later aired on all Travel Ontario socials.

The production was a joint-production between our studio and another agency. Working in coordination with the second agency, we developed a 30s ad for delivery to Travel Ontario.

  • Producer

  • 30s ad for Travel Ontario purposed for Socials

  • Handover of all extra footage for any further editing the in-house studio needs

  • Additional drone footage and relevant stills

  • Three months

  • Adobe Premiere and After Effects​​

  • Google Sheets


Facilitated communication between the production team and Destination Ontario or Ontario Parks. Coordinated with Travel Ontario for footage transfer, selects, and notes on each edit.

Incorporated ALIA creative vision into client/brand needs within our commercial. Contributed to ideation, scouting, shoot planning, casting, editing, production management, and project delivery. 


Developed budget and correlating bid documents for clients. Created the production schedule based on client availability, team schedules, and location availability. Sourced the production crew and negotiated contracts. 

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