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Producer // Project Manager



Project Description

Terrarium is a 3D mobile, sustainable city simulation game created in the first semester of the Centre for Digital Media Master's program.

The game was developed in under three months in Unreal 4. It is a narrative-driven game, engaging with environmentalism, where players can manage a city floating in the sky. 

  • Producer

  • Fully functional vertical slice prototype with entirely custom 3D in-game objects

  • A dynamic city landscape responding to player decisions

  • Three months

  • Unreal 4

  • Blender

  • Notion

  • Jira

  • Google Sheets

  • Adobe CC

Sector and Building.gif


Supported a cross-functional team of six, developing a fully-functional, vertical slice prototype within two months. Developed a production schedule for an entirely remote crew, working across three time zones including Beijing, New York, and Vancouver.

Pitched the product throughout multiple stages of development to receive feedback from program advisors. Task tracking and milestone mapping using Jira. Detailed technical and design documentation using Notion. Conducted sprint pre-planning, scrum, and sprint reviews. Team retrospectives and member 360s.

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