Producer // Project Manager

Project Description

A 3D animated, interactive short film built in Unreal 5. Ongoing project. Slated to stream on

Our film is a product of a partnership between the Centre of Digital  Media Master's program and Trickfilm inc. The project aimed to showcase the distinct value of the Trickfilm platform by creating a film with real-time rendering and interactivity

  • Producer

  • Writer

  • Three months

  • A three-minute film built in Unreal 5 with real-time rendering

  • Two fully customizable meshes and a platform to customize the characters prior to the film

  • A mini-game that can alter aspects of the film with persistence

  • Procedurally generated elements for replayability

  • Unreal 5

  • Maya

  • Notion

  • Trello

  • Adobe CC

  • Git Lab

  • Figma



Facilitated initial brainstorming for feature development and conceptualization. Organized the production pipelines and project timeline through cross-team discussions and estimates. Allocated budget to each team based on initial estimates. Tracked team tasks and progress through Trello. Monitored overall team progress through Notion updates on Dailies. Promoted a healthy hybrid work schedule on a tight production timeline.


Monitored production progress, sourcing animation contractors and 3D artists to meet the anticipated production schedule. Sourced the Motion Capture studio and handled footage intake. Worked in-engine to complete animation sequences, implementing shots and textures. Developed production schedule for the MOCAP schedule based on the shot list.

Catch of the Night

This is an early animatic of the production. The final film is still yet to be released on the Trickfilm platform.