Narrative designer and writer passionate about developing rich, immersive, and interactive experiences through storytelling. Sharpened visual storytelling and production management skills through a game design-centric education and film production background. Experience implementing dialogue and narrative interactions in the Unreal Engine.

Driven by opportunities to support and inspire creative thoughts and the people behind them! Looking for a highly collaborative environment to develop immersive stories and tackle ambitious challenges.


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Narrative Designer

VR action-adventure game set in 18th century Malaysia.



Narrative Designer and Project Manager

3D mobile, sustainable city simulation game.

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Concrete Sky

Narrative Designer

Narrative-focused game concept and design document.

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Game Designer and Project Manager

Design and development of multiple mobile, AR games from conceptualization to delivery.


The Herd

Game Designer and Project Manager

3D couch-coop, strategy game built under 2.5-days for a game jam.